WWI (Windows Wordprocessor Integration)

What is WWI: No dobut its a short form for Windows Wordprocessor Integration. It is a macro program of enhanced Microsoft Word which communicates with SAP throught BAPI technology. By default when you install the SAP GUI WWI related files are available in the system. There are two things in WWI 1) Display of Templates and ii) Creation and Editing of Templates. In previous versions (Upto ECC 6.0 Enhancement 2) WWI files needed to be isntalled on each local server for one to access the templates, but now it is not the requirement. WWI templates can be accessed without any local installation of WWI.

The successful handling of WWI templates depend on acquiring good overview on following topics of EHS

1) EHS Report Types
2) SAP EHS Report generation proces
3) Definition and meaning of Parameter symbols, Descriptors and Specification symbols.
4)Installation of Post installation configuration activities for WWI server / EHS Management server
5) Overview of functionalities on WWI tool
6) WWI Settings and Options
7) Creation of basic Template consisting of static elements
8) Creation of template using Specifications, Descripters and Parameters
9) Applying conditional, Blank compression, character sizing
10) Creation of custom symbols / parameters for wwi templates
11) Creation of new method if existing methods do not suffice
12) Mastering the WWI template creation.