Adjusting Margins for ABAP List Viewer Printouts

Problem statement:

We have created RICOH printer in production environment, when we perform test printout and it’s worked but it cuts off the left side of the page.


If it is in smart forms or SAP script, we can able to adjust in SPAD[ output attributes]


[Horizontal move ,Vertical shift], there is no other way to shift or move ABAP LIST VIEWER.


TEST 1-Failed

We have imported the latest version of RICOH printer device type but the issues still persist in this case.

We have decided to create own format type for this case. Instead of using X_65_132 format type we have created ZX_65_132.

How to create own format type:

Step 1: We are going to create new format type for this RICOH printer model.


Step 2: Go to format type and then click on create


Step 3: Fill the format name and type as ABAP LISTS. PFB for your reference.


Step 4: Click on List drivers attributes.


Step 5: From this attributes you can define margins.




Step 6: According to our case, we have maintained 12MM,6MM,6MM,6MM.

Here you need to keep change the values and perform the test printout to trace the actual values. It may various depends on environment. Here your going to play to resolve this printer issues.



While using this printer, you need to select our customizing format[ZX_65_132]

We have resolved long pending printer issues by this method.

Please let me know in case of any queries.

Thanks & Regards,

Sabarish Vasudevan.