Save print output file in front end system


we have two client requirement from client side for this printer case.

Q1. Once you given printout from SAP system, it will ask the destination file location in your local machine to store your file in any format like txt,pdf etc.

Q2.Second one is like,Once you given printout from SAP system,it should not ask input from SAP system, we need  the file in some XYZ server directly.


Q1. Step1:

You have to create local file printer in your local machine.please follow the steps to create file printer in OS level.

Ref: SAP note number:  576973 – Creating a file printer on a Windows PC

Step 2: Then create Normal printer in SAP system as below.



then save your settings. While giving printout, it will ask the destination location. please note that you should have file[pdf] printer in your local machine and also set as a default printer.


This one is slight difficult from the previous one. Same thing we have to create a printer with L method. PFB screen shots.


Step 2:

You have to set the command ID for this case.Edit–>command set

Double click on command set id.


Please provide a server details to store the file formats.


576973 : Creating a file printer on a Windows PC


This will work without any issues. Please let me know in case of any queries.


Firefighter Background job cancelled

Problem statement:

The firefighter job runs once in every 15 or N minutes span of time. Each time when the  job runs, it will get the input from /virsa/zffnotif table to obtain the starting time frame to generate the log report.

The last time the job ran successfully was on  XX-12-20XX after which some mass change activity has been done by using firefighter id which generated huge amount of data. So the job gets canceled by trying to capture this high volume of data starting from XX-12-20XX date to today date.

Important Note:

We should not perform any mass change activity by using firefighter ID. Refer SAP note: 1378276

1378276 – Mass Transaction support through Firefighter


We have found one SAP note related to this case. Here we just change the table entries to recent date and time stamp. So the data captured time span is reduced to minimum level and then got completed without any issues.

Please follow the steps to edit the table entries to recent time stamp. SAP Note: 1444468

1444468 – TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED Background job cancelled
Please let me know in case of any queries.

Thanks & Regards,

Sabarish Vasudevan.