General guidelines to crack SAPUI5 Fiori Launchpad issue.

I have faced lot of Launchpad issues while configuring Solman 7.2 because it is on top of SAPUI5.

Example: System monitoring, Interface monitoring, IT calendar, Solman WorkCentre etc.


So, I have found common method to solve this similar kind of issues with help of SAP notes.

  1. The mandatory service need to be in active.

Identify the service is URL and try to check in SICF services whether it is active or not. If not please activate it and then test the connection.

  1. Missing ODATA Alias entries.

Press F12->Network–>Meta data. Press F5 to reload.

You can able to identify the missing ODATA name under this place with failed status.


  1. Go to transaction code: /n/iwfnd/maint_service
  2. Select Afftected service in the shown table
  3. In this right bottom section, you will see a button Add System Aliases
  4. Clicking this button opens a new window where you can create an alias,
  5. Save the changes
  6. You can refer to other services on which alias to select.

If more than one system aliases there, remove the LOCAL.



Now try to launch or reload it again, this time it will give you the result for sure.

Please refer the following sap note for your reference.

1.2362690 – In Technical Monitoring, System Monitoring the Alert Ticker is blank with no data shown or does not refresh

2.2415315 – System Monitoring Screen & Job Monitoring Screen’s are Blank after Upgrading to Solution Manager 7.2

3.2485467 – Scope Selection is not working properly in System Monitoring UI or IT Calendar in SAP Solution Manager 7.2


Sabarish Vasudevan


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