The DataSource 2LIS_11_XXXXX(PRDCLNT100) does not exist in object version M


BW Data sources issue

1. We have done system refresh for both ECC[RT1] and BW[BT2] system.

2. As per the post refresh task, we have to establish the source system connection for BW.

3. We have established source system connection from both end and its working fine.

4. We have asked BW team to check the test load from ECC system.

5. They are getting the below error in BT2 [BW] system.




Kindly refer my SCN thread for solution. PFB


Sabarish Vasudevan

TMS RFC communications error with system/destination


We have successfully included into the domain controller. But unfortunately we are not able to import the transports because the Current system host is unknown.

Error log:

RFC communications error with system/destination %%ashost=XYZ,sysnr=,lang=E,client=000,pcs=2,
Message no. XT101

An RFC error occurred in the TMS communications layer.

Target system: XYZ.DOMAIN_ZYX(000)
RFC message: RFC destination %%ashost=VARTGTADB,sysnr=,lang=E,c

System Response
The function terminates.

Correct the error and execute the command again.


We have found one SAP note and resolved it with option 2. PFB for your quick reference.

1888279 – RFC communications error with system/destination

Please let me know if any further clarification.


Sabarish Vasudevan



We have faced issues during the PREP_GENCHECKS/JOB_RSUPGRCHECK_PRE phase. The SUM tool need a manual correction to implement the SAP note.


Even though the mentioned SAP note is in “can not be implemented” status, we have followed the SAP note to implemented via SA38 report “SCWN_TRANSPORT_NOTES”.

But nothing worked out. Even we have faced the same issue again.


SAP note number : 2255834

  2255834 – SUM prompts for Notes with status “Cannot be implemented” during the phase PREP_GENCHECKS/CHECK4NOTES_PACKAGES

Issues fixed. We have moved to next phase successfully.


Sabarish Vasudevan

An error has occurred when adobe document services(ADS) was launched

Issue: End user faced some problem with ADS configuration and he not able to view pdf forms from front end.

Solution: Whatever the issue with ADS, it will come under only one master SAP Note 944221.PFB

944221 – Error analysis for problems in form processing

In my case i have followed the  same steps mentioned in the SAP note.

* FP_TEST_00 failed to connect ADS and followed by FP_CHECK_DESTINATION_SERVICE destination test program try to connect through web but it was failed.

* When i checked on both the services in SICF it is active and looks good but the port number used for http is missing in SMICM tcode.

*I have dynamically created the port number for http and also set the proper parameter in RZ10 so that restart of ICM will take effect the new & correct parameter.

*When i test on reports mentioned in the SAP note works fine without any issues even the user also confirmed.

Please let me know in case of any doubt on ADS concepts.

Thanks & Regards,

Sabarish Vasudevan