NWA Portal

Problem statement 1:

User want to access the default Logs and traces tab in NWA.But he not having the necessary authorization to view the NWA portal.


  • We can’t add the user into admin groups because he can modify or edit something means it will give the big impact over the production system, proper way is we need to give the read access to that particular user.
  • so we have taken the sandbox system to copy the reported user authorization to new user called test_123 for testing purpose.
  • we also got the same authorization error, we can’t view the http://:/nwa.
  • we found the necessary authorization to only view the Logs and Traces tab. PFB link for your quick reference.
  • http://scn.sap.com/thread/1316243
  • so we have add the *NWADMIN* roles to the reported user.
  •  http://:/nwa. and then navigate to Monitoring -> Logs and Traces.
  • Reference screen shorts:



The issues resolved after the added the above necessary authorization to that reported user id.


Java Support Package Manager_Step by Step screen shorts for Patches upgrade:

Step 1: Removing the Bug from production environment we going to upgrade the necessary component to latest release level.

Step 2: In this case we going to upgrade 4 component[below mentioned] level from to level.

Step 3:we have downloaded the below mentioned component in service market place and load it in EPS folder.[EX:G:\usr\sap\trans\EPS\in]

Step 4: Open G:\usr\sap\SID\J20\j2ee\JSPM\ under the folder you can able to find the go batch file then right-click  run as an administrator the go.bat file.

Step 5:Main Screen of JSPM:


Step 6: Log in with administrator:


Step 7: You can see the various option of JSPM, In this case we are going to upgrade the patches level, so we should choose third option[Single support packages and patches[Advanced user only]


Step 8: JSPM automatically fetch the component from EPS folder. PFB the component need to be upgrade to latest level.


Step 9:Validation check for the four component:


Step 10:deploying the selected support packages.


Step 11: deployment of support packages has completed.


Step 12: After the Patches upgrade to latest level, the  issues resolved. Kindly revert if you have any queries.


Java node not coming up,dispatcher and SDM is running

Problem statement:

We have enabled the debug port as per the client requirement. This enabling the debug port, system need to be restarted for this get into effect. After the restart 2 java node not coming up out of three nodes,dispatcher and SDM is up and running fine.


Example screen shorts of before restart:

Before restart_Debug mode disabled

You can able to see that the debug mode is disabled.

Step 1: SAP standard information for your reference.

Portal std port number-5-system number-portocol port[EX: 53000] if it’s https connection use [53001].

Debug std port number-5-system number-start with 21.[EX: 53021].

Step 2: We have given the same debug  port number for all the three java nodes. So here FCFS concepts working,only one java node is capable for working,rest of two java node don’t have any other port number. so the result is java node went down.

Step 3: Go to config tool [EX:G:\usr\sap\SID\JC30\j2ee\configtool.bat].

Step 4:Two possible method to declare the debug port :

   1. Global Server Configuration[ We can declare the port number as a global value]

2.Instance Configuration [ Need to declare each and every instance]. PFB for your quick reference.

Config Tool

Step 5: In this case we have 3 java nodes, obviously we can choose the option two.

We have given the three port number as Node 1=53021

Node 2=53026

Node 3 =53031

PFB for your reference:

Node 1:

Node 1

Node 2:

Node 2

Node 3:

Node 3

Step 6: After the restart, java system up and running fine without any issues. Please revert if you have any queries.

PFB the debug mode is switched on.

Debug on


Sabarish Vasudevan.


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