SAP Remote Basis Administration – Task List

SAP Remote Basis Administration – Task List

Recommended daily tasks
1. Check whether the systems are up
2. Check whether the backups finished without errors
3. Check for alerts in CCMS monitors
4. Check for hanging or stopped work processes
5. Check system log for errors/warnings
6. Check whether any background jobs got canceled for any reason
7. Check the lock entry list
8. Look for any failed updates
9. Check for users logins from unknown terminals/locked users
10. Analyze program dumps
11. Check for excessive swaps and buffer statistics
12. Review Database performance
13. Check database for space critical objects
14. Check the average response times
15. Check for OS level alerts
16. Check CPU load and memory usage
17. Review SAPDBA calendar job logs
18. Check archive directory status

Recommended weekly tasks
1. Check database for free space
2. Monitor tablespace growth
3. Monitor total DB growth
4. Clean up Spool
5. Clean up transport buffers
6. Run TemSe consistency check
7. Review security audit log
8. Check for adequate file system space
9. Analyze Early Watch reports

Recommended monthly tasks
1. Cycle the R/3 system to defragment memory
2. Analyze the database growth and plan for storage
3. Review directory structure and need to move data files
4. Cleanup old logs

Recommended quarterly tasks
1. User security overview
2. Review SAP profile parameters
3. Review the standard scheduled jobs
4. Test the backup by restoring
5. Archive the old transport files
6. Maintain SAPDBA and database parameter files
7. Review maintenance contracts for all hardware / software
8. Check for usage versus licensing

Recommended annual tasks
1. Audit user security
2. Audit profiles and authorizations
3. Review user roles
4. Maintain activity groups/profiles
5. Cleanup clients in test/development systems
6. Check workbench organizer settings
7. Refresh test system8. Simulate disaster recovery/failover testing
Software maintenance (as needed) 1. Applying support packages
2. Applying database patches
3. Upgrading kernel
4. Change Management /applying notes
Additional services (as needed) 1. User Maintenance / Profiles creation and maintenance
2. Printer definition maintenance
3. Data archiving
4. Technical Upgrades
5. Server Migration

Error in Client copy[FINB_TR_CC_EXIT_TARGET FIN-FB]

Problem Statement:

After successfully done with client import we can’t able to execute the post processing activities by using SCC7 tcode.

“FINB_TR_CC_EXIT_TARGET FIN-FB    Post-Processing Required”



We have found one sap note regarding this case. we just follow the same steps mentioned in the sap note.

Here the problem is like, the post processing required only one entries mentioned in the above. so we will make this entries alone to do post processing as mentioned in the sap note.

Please refer this note:

1880165 – Client copy error FINB_TR_CC_EXIT_TARGET in T-code SCC9/SCCL

741864 – FinBasis: Termination TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED

Please let me know in case of any queries.

Thanks & Regards,

Sabarish Vasudevan.

WebGUI logoff does not work

Problem Statement:

After logged off my webgui, the browser can’t carry out with log off. it still persist in the same page/if you press F5 it again back to your webgui without any login credential.


Please follow the below mentioned SAP note for this case. It’s very simple to redirect to log off page.

1777513 – WebGUI logoff does not work

1039335 – Incomplete logoff from an ITS WebGUI application

Step 1: /default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui

Step 2: Click on error page/logoff page

Step 3: Select and provide a redirect URL.


Please let me know in case of any queries.

Thanks & Regards,


Prerequisites for kernel upgrade from 72X to 72X+1


  • Before Doing any kernel upgrade, please refer the SAP note to avoid most of the issues in advance.
  • Here am going to do kernel upgrade from 720 to 721.
  • So i have to refer 721 Download compatible kernel notes from SAP market place for windows platform. PFB

1713986 – Installation of kernel 721 (EXT)

1716826 – Usage of the downward compatible kernel 721 (EXT)

Issues During my kernel upgrade:

Disk+work not started after my new kernel patch.

Error Log:

DpHalt: sync with message server o.k.
DpHalt: detach from message server
***LOG Q0M=> DpMsDetach, ms_detach () [dpxxdisp.c 13090]

I have resolved the error by referring the above sap note[1713986] point number 5.

I have replaced the new disp+work package from service market place.

Please do not start any upgrade or installation without SAP note. Please let me know in case of any queries.

Thanks & Regards,



Save print output file in front end system


we have two client requirement from client side for this printer case.

Q1. Once you given printout from SAP system, it will ask the destination file location in your local machine to store your file in any format like txt,pdf etc.

Q2.Second one is like,Once you given printout from SAP system,it should not ask input from SAP system, we need  the file in some XYZ server directly.


Q1. Step1:

You have to create local file printer in your local machine.please follow the steps to create file printer in OS level.

Ref: SAP note number:  576973 – Creating a file printer on a Windows PC

Step 2: Then create Normal printer in SAP system as below.



then save your settings. While giving printout, it will ask the destination location. please note that you should have file[pdf] printer in your local machine and also set as a default printer.


This one is slight difficult from the previous one. Same thing we have to create a printer with L method. PFB screen shots.


Step 2:

You have to set the command ID for this case.Edit–>command set

Double click on command set id.


Please provide a server details to store the file formats.


576973 : Creating a file printer on a Windows PC


This will work without any issues. Please let me know in case of any queries.

Firefighter Background job cancelled

Problem statement:

The firefighter job runs once in every 15 or N minutes span of time. Each time when the  job runs, it will get the input from /virsa/zffnotif table to obtain the starting time frame to generate the log report.

The last time the job ran successfully was on  XX-12-20XX after which some mass change activity has been done by using firefighter id which generated huge amount of data. So the job gets canceled by trying to capture this high volume of data starting from XX-12-20XX date to today date.

Important Note:

We should not perform any mass change activity by using firefighter ID. Refer SAP note: 1378276

1378276 – Mass Transaction support through Firefighter


We have found one SAP note related to this case. Here we just change the table entries to recent date and time stamp. So the data captured time span is reduced to minimum level and then got completed without any issues.

Please follow the steps to edit the table entries to recent time stamp. SAP Note: 1444468

1444468 – TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED Background job cancelled
Please let me know in case of any queries.

Thanks & Regards,

Sabarish Vasudevan.

Adjusting Margins for ABAP List Viewer Printouts

Problem statement:

We have created RICOH printer in production environment, when we perform test printout and it’s worked but it cuts off the left side of the page.


If it is in smart forms or SAP script, we can able to adjust in SPAD[ output attributes]


[Horizontal move ,Vertical shift], there is no other way to shift or move ABAP LIST VIEWER.


TEST 1-Failed

We have imported the latest version of RICOH printer device type but the issues still persist in this case.

We have decided to create own format type for this case. Instead of using X_65_132 format type we have created ZX_65_132.

How to create own format type:

Step 1: We are going to create new format type for this RICOH printer model.


Step 2: Go to format type and then click on create


Step 3: Fill the format name and type as ABAP LISTS. PFB for your reference.


Step 4: Click on List drivers attributes.


Step 5: From this attributes you can define margins.




Step 6: According to our case, we have maintained 12MM,6MM,6MM,6MM.

Here you need to keep change the values and perform the test printout to trace the actual values. It may various depends on environment. Here your going to play to resolve this printer issues.



While using this printer, you need to select our customizing format[ZX_65_132]

We have resolved long pending printer issues by this method.

Please let me know in case of any queries.

Thanks & Regards,

Sabarish Vasudevan.