Prerequisites for kernel upgrade from 72X to 72X+1


  • Before Doing any kernel upgrade, please refer the SAP note to avoid most of the issues in advance.
  • Here am going to do kernel upgrade from 720 to 721.
  • So i have to refer 721 Download compatible kernel notes from SAP market place for windows platform. PFB

1713986 – Installation of kernel 721 (EXT)

1716826 – Usage of the downward compatible kernel 721 (EXT)

Issues During my kernel upgrade:

Disk+work not started after my new kernel patch.

Error Log:

DpHalt: sync with message server o.k.
DpHalt: detach from message server
***LOG Q0M=> DpMsDetach, ms_detach () [dpxxdisp.c 13090]

I have resolved the error by referring the above sap note[1713986] point number 5.

I have replaced the new disp+work package from service market place.

Please do not start any upgrade or installation without SAP note. Please let me know in case of any queries.

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