TMS RFC communications error with system/destination


We have successfully included into the domain controller. But unfortunately we are not able to import the transports because the Current system host is unknown.

Error log:

RFC communications error with system/destination %%ashost=XYZ,sysnr=,lang=E,client=000,pcs=2,
Message no. XT101

An RFC error occurred in the TMS communications layer.

Target system: XYZ.DOMAIN_ZYX(000)
RFC message: RFC destination %%ashost=VARTGTADB,sysnr=,lang=E,c

System Response
The function terminates.

Correct the error and execute the command again.


We have found one SAP note and resolved it with option 2. PFB for your quick reference.

1888279 – RFC communications error with system/destination

Please let me know if any further clarification.


Sabarish Vasudevan


SAP Remote Basis Administration – Task List

SAP Remote Basis Administration – Task List

Recommended daily tasks
1. Check whether the systems are up
2. Check whether the backups finished without errors
3. Check for alerts in CCMS monitors
4. Check for hanging or stopped work processes
5. Check system log for errors/warnings
6. Check whether any background jobs got canceled for any reason
7. Check the lock entry list
8. Look for any failed updates
9. Check for users logins from unknown terminals/locked users
10. Analyze program dumps
11. Check for excessive swaps and buffer statistics
12. Review Database performance
13. Check database for space critical objects
14. Check the average response times
15. Check for OS level alerts
16. Check CPU load and memory usage
17. Review SAPDBA calendar job logs
18. Check archive directory status

Recommended weekly tasks
1. Check database for free space
2. Monitor tablespace growth
3. Monitor total DB growth
4. Clean up Spool
5. Clean up transport buffers
6. Run TemSe consistency check
7. Review security audit log
8. Check for adequate file system space
9. Analyze Early Watch reports

Recommended monthly tasks
1. Cycle the R/3 system to defragment memory
2. Analyze the database growth and plan for storage
3. Review directory structure and need to move data files
4. Cleanup old logs

Recommended quarterly tasks
1. User security overview
2. Review SAP profile parameters
3. Review the standard scheduled jobs
4. Test the backup by restoring
5. Archive the old transport files
6. Maintain SAPDBA and database parameter files
7. Review maintenance contracts for all hardware / software
8. Check for usage versus licensing

Recommended annual tasks
1. Audit user security
2. Audit profiles and authorizations
3. Review user roles
4. Maintain activity groups/profiles
5. Cleanup clients in test/development systems
6. Check workbench organizer settings
7. Refresh test system8. Simulate disaster recovery/failover testing
Software maintenance (as needed) 1. Applying support packages
2. Applying database patches
3. Upgrading kernel
4. Change Management /applying notes
Additional services (as needed) 1. User Maintenance / Profiles creation and maintenance
2. Printer definition maintenance
3. Data archiving
4. Technical Upgrades
5. Server Migration